About HD Packaging

hd packaging (Hoogduin) is a Dutch family business, founded in 1971 by Mr. De Hoogh and Mr Verduin. Both gentlemen worked in the glass industry at that time, and in the 70's saw the emergence of plastic packaging. Realising the future possibilities in this form of packaging, gave them the incentive to start their own company Hoogduin Verpakkingen B.V. The company name is a combination of the two surnames.

During the 70's, 80's and 90's the company's activities consisted mainly of supplying custom made packaging such as plastic bottles, jars and closures to the cosmetic, detergent, chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries. Our clients at this time were mainly in the Benelux.

Our production of standard bottles, started in the early 90's ( in Almelo , the Netherlands ) stopped after a few years for strategic reasons and the activities were continued with our German production partner John. Sieben GmbH. Meanwhile hd packaging is a second generation family business and operations expanded into Germany, France, Britain, Scandinavia and Switzerland.

Since the year 2000 considerable investments have been made in our own moulds for the production of our standard bottle and closure series. Many of which are now sold from stock.

In 2009 our sister company Plasticflessen.nl was founded , for the purpose of supplying small quantities of packaging from stock, such as bottles, jars, closures and dispensing systems. These are available in quantities of 25 upwards and can be ordered per box.

To meet the growing storage requirements of hd packaging and plasticflessen.nl, a new 2.500 m2 distribution centre is being built in Zuidbroek, Groningen (NL). Taken into service end of 2012, where the current warehouses of hd packaging and plasticflessen.nl will be merged into one location when we move into our new building. Small scale production of plastic bottles, jars and labels will also take place here.

Business strategy

Our sustainable business strategy is aimed at our European customers in small and medium enterprises, to provide high quality standard and custom packaging, both in large and small quantities. That's why we supply a large part of our standard range from stock, which gives us optimum flexibility. Along with short communication lines and good logistics we can provide a good service to our customers.


Sustainable and socially responsible enterprise is an essential part of our business strategy, which implies that our activities are intentionally focused on creating long-term values in the areas of market, people and environment, and on pursuing the best possible balance amongst those aspects.

Some of our sustainable activities:
  • We strive to purchase sustainably as much as possible; for example, we use green electricity, recycled paper, fair-trade coffee, etc. in our offices.
  • We will be moving to a new distribution centre in 2012, which will enable us to centralise our stock at 1 location.
  • The location of the new distribution centre was chosen intentionally in the North Netherlands region (Oost Groningen) with respect to economic advantages such as lower land prices and creating local employment.
  • Sustainable aspects will be involved in the development and construction of our new site, such as our own green energy supply, the use of environmentally sound construction materials, sustainable (office) furnishings, electrical fork lift trucks, etc.
  • We actively use social workshops for enhancement of our products, such as cutting riser pipes, pumps, etc.
  • We sponsor various charitable institutions such as Roparun, Oxfam Novib and various school projects.
  • In the near future we will replace as much of our company's transportation fleet as possible with energy-saving (green label) models.
  • We are having our network (ICT) hosted virtually; we do not use any servers of our own.
  • We are actively testing bio-plastics, with the aim of including these in our assortment in future.
  • We take a critical look at our suppliers and the way they do business (sustainably); if necessary, we will urge them to make improvements.

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