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Simple and exact dosing

"One2dose" allows you to dose the contents without spilling, very accurately and cleanly in one hand movement. There is no need to check the amount you dose, you will always get the same amount and the next dose is ready for use.

This new way of dosing is environmentally friendly and prevents overuse especially if the product within is expensive and/or the dosage is vitally important. The dosing process is smooth, fast and always with the same precision.

Various dosage amounts are possible from 5 ml to 20 ml.

This packaging is suitable for liquid detergents, soap powder, high quality detergents, (fuel) additives, plant foods, food and beverages (eg coffee, cocoa, baby food), etc.

The advantages briefly summarized:

1. Practical one-hand operation
2. Reading dosage unnecessary
3. Very accurate, no overdose or wastage
4. Environmentally friendly & sustainable
5. Various dosage amounts possible from 5 ml to 20 ml.
6. Multi-use: liquids, powders and granules

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